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  • 双胞胎相机(Twins Camera) iPhone/iPad版 6.10 下载

    电脑杂谈  发布时间:2016-04-22 11:06:20  来源:网络整理

    你是否正在寻找关于twins camera的内容?让我把最完整的东西奉献给你:

    双胞胎相机 (twins camera Pro)软件简介




    Picture of Make your twin

    Do you have a twin brother/sister which looks exactly like you? Heres an interesting way to trick your friends. Will they believe you if you told them that you have a twin? Well if not...then show them some pictures of you and your twin...

    We all love to show and share our photos to our family and friends. Since the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and others, photo sharing has never been this easy. It has become the hallmark of social networking sites. However, dont just upload photos you took like everybody else is doing, be unique and creative, entertain your viewers as well by following this simple guide in creating a twin photo of yourself, one cool way that is sure to grab your friends attention, score hits, flood comments and share a few more laughs in the process.

    Create your own twin brother/sister in twins camera applicaiton in easy steps

    1. Take two or more pictures of your friend, rotate the iPhone/iPad in stable position, just change people position and if you like you can change clothes. Do not use tripod, HANDHOLD SHOOTING only, rotate iPhone/iPad to make the people in the center of viewfinder.

    2. Stitch twins photos.

    3. share the photos.

    As far as overlap is concerned, you are shooting digitally so snap away, overlap 30-70%. If you don’t overlap enough, as Twins Maker app attempts to blend the shots it will not have enough of a fingerprint to blend well.


    Upload to Social Network

    With iOS, you can connect directly to your social network accounts, allowing you to post and share content from nearly anywhere. iOS provides integrated support for:





    Sina Weibo

    Tencent Weibo

    Blush and Mascara

    You can add your account in Settings, after adding your account, you can configure additional settings or download the official iOS app for that service.

    Go2Share 网站twins camera - Auto Stitch clone photos 支持

    版本 6.10 中的新功能


    以上就是关于twins camera的全部内容,相信你一定会非常满意。


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